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Welcome to Coldseal Windows, Doors and Conservatories

We are double glazing experts supplying and installing high-quality uPVC windowsdoors and conservatories 

At Coldseal Windows we are dedicated to our customers. Having provided excellent double glazing services for customers throughout the Midlands and Yorkshire, we have established an outstanding reputation for our first-rate customer service.

We provide the best value double glazed windows, doors and conservatories locally. Our market-leading double glazed units are manufactured to the highest standards ensuring we provide all our customers with the very best  quality double glazing available.

With our competitive prices, superb double glazing and reliable work ethic – we really are the local double glazing company that meets your every need.

Insurance Backed Warentee

The basis of all accreditations is competence, all of our fitters are competent persons and skilled craftsmen, we offer all of our customers a comprehensive 10 year guarantee that is underwritten by our insurance, we do this to offer our customers total peace of mind when selecting Coldseal as the installation partner.

Coldseal will guarantee you complete product protection and guaranteed compliance with the latest building regulations.

The Third part, insurance backed warrantee gives you unquestionable protection and peace of mind when buying our double glazing products.

Offering high-security locking systems from Yale that are Secured by Design accredited allows us to offer you the very best in security for your double glazing needs, and gives you the peace of mind that your home is consistently safe and sound.

Providing high-quality Liniar uPVC, we can promise you a market-leading uPVC profile that is highly energy-efficient, completely recyclable and a secure option for your home.

ColdSeal double glazing nottingham Liniar

ColdSeal secured by design double glazing nottingham

10 Year Warranty on our uPVC Windows and Doors

Our uPVC Liniar windows and doors are British made & come with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee against warping, splitting or discolouration. This provides you with peace of mind, as well as trust in the durability and strength of our resilient uPVC windows and doors.

Liniar uPVC is exceptionally strong and thermally efficient, using patented uPVC technology with a multi-chambered profile to deliver your home with the finest uPVC insulation available on the market.

These revolutionary uPVC windows and doors are eco-friendly too! They are 100% British manufactured, completely recyclable and lead-free, making our uPVC products miles ahead of EU regulations.

All this and more install, welcome to Coldseal Windows, from all of us to you.


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