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Flat Roofs that offer excellent protection whilst being extremely affordable

The Firestone EPDM flat roof system is an advanced type of roof covering which is one of several flat roof options.

The covering used is EPDM or ‘ethylene propylene diene monomer’ which is a type of synthetic rubber known for its weather resistant properties.

​This rubber is able to withstand heat, cold and other weather conditions and has excellent insulation qualities as well. It has been used extensively in the USA for more than 40 years and is also the most commonly used single ply roofing membrane in the world.

​The Firestone rubber EPDM system is used on small domestic flat roof buildings such as outhouses, extensions and garages which are ideally suited to this type of covering. Plus the majority of domestic flat roofs are rectangular shaped which means a straightforward process with little fuss.

​We will cut the rubber EPDM sheet to fit the exact specifications of your roof. This sheet is flexible so moulds itself to the shape of your roof and is both UV and ozone resistant. This means a long lasting, waterproof and weatherproof covering which is reliable and easy to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We only use materials such as the Firestone EPDM rubber system which are environmentally friendly and re-usable. The low cost aspect is a selling point but its durability and green credentials are what make it our number one roofing membrane.

This membrane is recommended by Greenpeace and the Association of Community Technical Aid Centres Ltd: and conforms to ISO standards in regard to environmental rules and regulations.

This type of system involves the fitting of a custom made piece of rubber sheeting which is glued to the decking and roof joists with cold adhesives. This is then sealed in place by means of edger strips which prevents the risk of leaks.

​Please note: you do not have to remove your existing roof covering! One of the advantages of the Firestone rubber EPDM sheet is that it can be installed over an old roof covering which is a guaranteed money saver.

Flat roof coverings are very difficult to install and repair and the Firestone rubber EPDM system is no different. It requires the services of a team of flat roof experts who have experience in fitting this type of covering.

We have a team of flat roof professionals who are fully accredited and experienced at fitting this type of roof covering to the standards set by Firestone. This means that you get a safe, first rate job which is guaranteed for 15 years.

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