Conservatory Roofs

breathe new life into your conservatory with our extensive range of modern, high-performance conservatory roofs

Our range of conservatory roofs allow homeowners to outfit their new conservatory with a high-performance option, or enhance their current conservatory with a professionally installed replacement roof. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate to our usual high standard.

As conservatory roof installation experts, we ensure your roof is fitted as quickly and as professionally as possible. This will allow you to enjoy your new home improvements much sooner, stress-free. We always strive to offer you the best service available, every time.

We offer a comprehensive range of additions and customisation options for your conservatory roofs, allowing you to tailor your roof to perfectly suit the requirements and aesthetic of your home. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect conservatory roof for you, your budget and your property.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

This is a wonderful innovation that can make your old conservatory look like a simple and elegant extension to your home. The tiles on this roof are made from a very lightweight material, meaning they can form a replacement roof that will sit on top of just about any existing conservatory frame. 

These tiled roofs are fully insulated and soundproofed, so you can enjoy the room in all weathers all year round. They are very simple and quick to install with the minimum disruption, and include a host of optional features such as lighting and skylights.

Our tiled conservatory roofs come with a plaster internal finish to the ceiling just like the rest of your house and can incorporate lighting to create a realistic home extension. A large selection of different coloured roof tiles are available to choose from. These are easily matched to suit your home. Our conservatory roofs have been developed to work with all designs of conservatories.

Glass Conservatory Roof

Enjoy absolute comfort in both the summer or winter

When switching out any old conservatory roof for a high performance replacement, their effectiveness in terms of thermal efficiency can be measured by what’s known as ‘U’ value. The sealed units incorporated within our glass conservatory roofs regularly meet impressively low U-values, being warm in the winter and cool in the summer – modern day glazing is durable and clever.

Our high quality range of glazed conservatory roofs make the best use of the outside’s natural sunlight, brightening a room instantly whilst enhancing thermal insulation to comfortable levels easily. With the correct specification it’s possible to exclude 83% of the suns energy through advanced solar control, eliminating the impact of harsh UV rays but still making the most of light.

​At Coldseal Home Improvements, we want you to spend more time enjoying your reinvigorated living space and less time tending to it. That’s why all of our glass conservatory replacement roofs require very little looking after thanks to highly innovative self-cleaning glass units. Using the natural energy of the sun, fingerprints, bird droppings and even dust will be burned off to always ensure your new roof stays looking just as good as they day it was installed.

If you regularly find yourself struggling to relax in your conservatory due to the sound of harsh rainfall, take heart in the fact that a glazed conservatory roof provides allows for significant acoustic insulation and soundproofing. This always ensures that a peaceful ambience is always achieved in your living space, being the perfect area to relax and cosy up on a summer’s evening

Polycarbonate conservatory roof

A cheaper alternative to having a glass conservatory roof is poly-carbonate plastic however these are not as efficient at maintaining a consistent temperature in the room. They also let in more noise and less natural light.

Whilst glass roofs are more expensive, they will be a better long-term investment compared with polycarbonate plastic. 

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